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Mystery can be Revealed by SuperDuperPhooWah Mystery can be Revealed :iconsuperduperphoowah:SuperDuperPhooWah 0 1


kinda late by mathiole kinda late :iconmathiole:mathiole 7 2
She walked to school
               Every day
A fake smile painted on her face,
  Anticipating memories and scars
                       she can't and won't erase.
Pale, deathly, skin and bones
               A body all her own,
Was ridiculed, provoked--undone
      Until she was alone.
They never felt remorse
  Towards the words they said to her.
             Like rusted knives, they cut too deep,
      Her self esteem, an endless blur.
You're worthless.
         You're nothing.

                You were never really smart.
  Each word, a razor in her chest
       That ripped into her fragile heart.
  You're fat.
          You're hideous.

              Their words sliced in dissection.
       And soon she made herself believe it
           When she looked at her reflection
  The fading scars along her wrists
        Still remind her of the pain
         The endless days of tortured words
             The anger, hurt, and
:iconlerianna:Lerianna 22 24
Daddy's Little Girl
Pink high heels wrapped around
a glass ego
A tight tube top
to protect a numbing heart
Thick lip stick to forgive
but not forget
And a concrete slab called home
She traded teddy bears
   For fish nets
And cotton candy dreams
   For broken beauty queens...
Daddy's little girl
         is a little girl
               no more.
Leather mini skirts keep her insides in,
emotions out
Mascara wands to cover up the windows
to her soul
Fake golden curls to hide the girly lockes
once called her own
And a concrete slab called home
She traded teddy bears
   For fish nets
And cotton candy dreams
   For broken beauty queens...
Daddy's little girl
         is a little girl
               no more.
:iconlerianna:Lerianna 19 20
faucet anyone? by MaybeIWillCatchFire faucet anyone? :iconmaybeiwillcatchfire:MaybeIWillCatchFire 2 0
I don't write to please other people. I write for me.
I don't write to show the world that my words can fit a poetic standard. I write to show the world that there is more to life than what we see, what we feel, who we are.
I don't write to prove myself. I write to experience the new, to learn and accept that no one is perfect.
I don't write to be someone I'm not. I write to be myself, the only person I can be.
I don't write to follow the rules in the world. I write to create my own world.
I don't write because I'm supposed to. I write because it's in me, because I want to, because I can.
I don't write to impress the critics. I write in spite of them.
I don't write because society likes deep thinkers. I write what I want because society tells me it's too bold to showcase.
I don't write to tell you how to live your life. I write to live my own life.
I don't write so someone can claim it as their own. I write so someone can smile, can frown, can cry, can feel.
I don't write from m
:iconlerianna:Lerianna 3 8
Checkerhead by strangekid666 Checkerhead :iconstrangekid666:strangekid666 1 2 broken home by goth-punk101 broken home :icongoth-punk101:goth-punk101 5 4 Word of the Week: BODACIOUS 3 by evilpixieduster Word of the Week: BODACIOUS 3 :iconevilpixieduster:evilpixieduster 1 3 Nothing I Thought I'd Be by mtvkilledrock Nothing I Thought I'd Be :iconmtvkilledrock:mtvkilledrock 1 0 Ehmm Can I Park Here by JeanFrancois Ehmm Can I Park Here :iconjeanfrancois:JeanFrancois 533 174 The Komrad by SykoSkwirl The Komrad :iconsykoskwirl:SykoSkwirl 4 10 The Lord's Hand by cazper The Lord's Hand :iconcazper:cazper 8 3 Disconnected by WithinIllusion Disconnected :iconwithinillusion:WithinIllusion 3 28 Music by iHeartFood Music :iconiheartfood:iHeartFood 1 10 Aliens Are In Your Home by Scamanther Aliens Are In Your Home :iconscamanther:Scamanther 1 4 The Other You by WithinIllusion The Other You :iconwithinillusion:WithinIllusion 13 56



United States

I may have came back for a little bit. I don't know.
I wish I wouldn't of deleted all of my old art, i miss those hand turkies and pirate squirrels. :giggle:

But Its another new start.
I seem to of had more inspiration with this account then my other, i really don't know why.

Info on why I changed my account:
Some of my former teachers found my account through google (damn google for taking over the world.. i know it hasn't, not yet hehe im lame.) So I no longer felt that I could share my opinions and art and my private(ish) journals with knowing they had full acess to read these things at their leisure. So, I created a new account. But as you can probably see, I have not don't much with it.  

So, those who are still checking for my updates, thanks for the support.

Love and Peace,
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  • Eating: your brain.


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i remember you!
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i miss u too
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